What is forex trading?

What is forex trading

What is forex trading?

  1. How Do You Read A Quote?

 What is Forex trading it’s all about currency because exchange or currency is called forex trading. Most of people confuse when they enter in forex trading but don’t worry your search end here because we send you free forex signal with complete market analysis.

We take one example to understand how is currency works in forex market suppose that EUR/USD at 1.4022 shows how much one euro (EUR) is worth in U.S. dollars (USD).


What is forex trading

What is forex trading


  1. What Is Leverage/Margin?

In forex trading so many brokers in this market and they commit you for best service and support in the broker services one of the most important topic Leverage/Margin.

MyprofitBook describe these term very simple way. Leverage/Margin is type of loan which your broker provides you at the time of your trading.

Suppose that you start your trade with small amount 20$. In 20$ you trade like 1000$ so you think about how to I trade 1000$ when my account have only 20$.

Then our answer is that reaming money is you Leverage/Margin which your broker provides you. But sometime this Leverage/Margin fluctuates when your broker fakes, so be ware for that type of broker.


  1. What Is A Lot?

The number of volume for particular stocks, commodity, and liquidity is called lot. When you start trade first you decide how much volume I want to buy or sell in the particular stocks and commodity is called lot size.

The lot size start from 0.01 to 1.0 in the forex market. So that’s why MyprofitBook send you free forex signals provider and advice you how much lot size you use when you start forex trading.


  1. What Is A Pip?

Pips sounds like points and its true. Pips is nothings its points in forex market. When you start your trade and any currency or stocks goes only two direction its upside and down side direction.

When currency change its point either upside or downside then point of value is also change and the change of value is called pips.

For example suppose XAUUSD (GOLD IN REFRENCE US DALLAR) change its value 1200 TO 1210 then its means the 10 pips change in XAUUSD.

I think you better understand these above topic if you not understand then mail on us we clear all these things with our free forex signal.

What is forex trading indicator?


When you start forex trading you must fallow some type of strategy. Some company provide you free forex signals provider, We also use our own strategy and a strategy called indicator.

Some people research forex marketing for long time and after that all forex market research they develop his own strategy and after that they develop a software which fallow his strategy and this type of software is call indicator.